Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

First steps

Hi, this is Lucia. I would love to meet you in person so we can discuss the details of our shoot, but if you have a super tight schedule, we can always have a video-call.

Let me know the idea or concept you have in mind, the emotion you wish to capture, and the tone you would like to convey. It’s important for me to understand your vision and the desired outcomes.

My personal rule is that I won’t do a photoshoot if we don’t have a chat first.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a specific question, please drop me a message

I can't wait to shoot with you! How does it work?

And I can't wait to create with you!

Please , drop me a message so we can pick a date to meet and discuss all your ideas

How do I Lock in my booking?

To confirm a booking, I’m asking for a 50% deposit.
This deposit is non-refundable.
The second part of the payment must be completed before the photoshoot begins. In case of external circumstances, like the weather, prevent us from sticking to our plan, we will reschedule.

What happens if I'm late for the shooting?

Time is a treasure. Most of the packages I offer have a limited time frame, so please come on time and be ready to start right away. Bring along any Make Up, Nails, Hair, Body Cream and anything else that will make you feel more confident or beautiful.
Note: You have to be ready before the shooting starts.
Time is super valuable for us both!

How many outfits do I need to bring?

I suggest bringing three or more different outfits, but it also depends on the package you choose. Variety can be great when we’re shooting in one location.

Do I need to bring any accesories?

Definitely YES! Accessories can also highlight the photos, things like necklaces, your favorite Japa Mala, a hat, bracelets, Tibetan Bowls, or some Palo Santo to create with sacred smoke and add some magic (especially, if you’re creating Yoga photos).

Do I need to wear make-up? Is that included in the price?

YES! Makeup & Nails are a bonus.
You don’t need to wear the same makeup as you would for a wild night out, but a simple foundation, lip-gloss and any other products that might help.
While shooting close-ups of body parts like hands, it’s nice to have clean and manicured nails for the photos.

And No, this service is not included in any of the packages I offer, but I can recommend a make-up artist that I trust.

I want to shoot in a very remote location. Is that possible?

Yes, no problem. I am happy to shoot in any location. Please consider any additional expenses like transport, food, accommodation, entry fees for Temples, parking, etc. These are to be covered by the client.

I have skin imperfections. Are you going to retouch them?

As an artist, I tend to lean towards perfection, but I also believe in inner beauty. Hence, I will work on your photos to make them more beautiful, but I won’t change your body or make your skin look like a doll. I can remove a small defect like a pimple or a sudden mosquito bite, but I won’t remove wrinkles or any other “imperfections”. You are beautiful as you are!

I love my photos and I want more!

I'm happy to hear that! Sure, If after our photo shoot you decide you’d like to add more photos to your package, you can certainly do that. I offer reduced price packages for extra photos. Just let me know.

Color or B&W?

I love the tone and emotion that Black&White photos express.
If you also love B&W photography and you prefer to have them in B&W, please let me know before I retouch your images.
The same applies if you prefer to have your photos with no color effects or treatments. All adjustments will be made according to your needs.

Can I get the RAW files?

You will get the number of photos stated in your package in JPG files.
I don't provide RAW files.

How and when do I get my photos?

At this point, we will work as a team. It can take somewhere between two to four weeks to get your final photos, depending on how quickly we move through the process below:

Step 1: Within two weeks of our photoshoot you will receive a PDF file with a contact sheet of the photos (with a watermark). Some of them will be mildly retouched to allow you to select the ones you like the most. Depending on your package, you can expect between 50 and 200 proofs to choose from.
Step 2: Now it’s time for you to select your favorite photos. The sooner you pick your photos; the sooner we can move on to the next step.
(You will have 60 days to select your favorites ones. If for any reason you don’t choose the photos in this timeframe, I will pick the photos and email you the link and you will not be able to modify that selection afterwards).
Step 3: Once you confirm your selection, I will retouch your chosen images in detail selecting the perfect color tone effect or B&W (if you like that style let me know in advance). Depending on the number of photos, this can take up to two weeks.
Note: for weddings, times are different.
Step 4: After the photos have been retouched, I will send you a final PDF contact sheet with watermark so you will be able to see the result and make final adjustments if needed.
Step 5: Within the next 20 days, you will receive a One Drive link to download your photos in high resolution.
The link will be online for the next 30 days, after that it will expire. So please be sure to have downloaded your photos in one safe device (or more) or your favorite Cloud.
Once the photos are sent out with the One Drive link, any additional change (colors, B&W or other) will be charged as a new image.
Step 6: We can celebrate, you’re ready to share your amazing photos!

How do I pay?

Payment can be done in cash, with TRANSFERWISE or bank transfer.
The first 50% of the payment will lock* your booking.
The second 50% of the payment is due before the photo shoot starts.
I will not consider any booking if the 50% payment is not complete two days
before the date of the photo shoot.
*This deposit is nonrefundable. In case external circumstances (like the weather) prevent us from sticking to our plan, we will reschedule. Personal circumstances will not be considered.

How can I use my photos?

You are granted the right to personal, noncommercial use of the images you purchase. This means you can print the photos for your own personal use, use them for your business, on your website, flyers or poster.
You are not allowed to resell the photos to a third part (i.e. stock photography, etc). Commercial purposes, like selling your photos on a stock photography website, are not allowed. If a photo is used on a publication (i.e. a magazine, newspaper, or a blog that’s not yours) you need to credit the photos with my name and a link to my website. This is a standard practice for professional

Can I change the look of my photos?

Please DON'T. If you’re choosing to work with me, I expect it’s because you like my style of shooting and editing. I will send you proof images before you receive the final ones, which gives you a chance to request any changes so that you don't have to alter them yourself.

Are you going to use my photos?

I reserve the right to use any images I take for my portfolio as well as on my Webpage and IG account; however, I understand if you want specific images to be kept private. If you let me know which photos you wouldn’t want shared publicly, I will respect your wish. I will not use your image for any purpose other than the ones listed above.

Can I credit you?

I usually credit/ tag my clients by posting their images on Instagram, but I understand if you don't want me to do so (just let me know).

Feel free to credit/ tag me if you’re happy with the photo shoot and would like to share our work with everyone! You can find me at @luciabaragli

My questions is not listed here

If you have any specific questions or requests, please drop me a message