HUMANDALA is a visual art project that fuses photography, sacred geometry and the ancient practice of yoga and meditation.

Humans, landscapes, temples and various buildings come gathering together as one shape - a single circle that represents the wheel of life.

A never ending loop, no end nor beginning.

The term Mandala is a Sanskrit word (the ancient Indic language of India), usually interpreted to mean "circle", sometimes "wheel" or "essence". While the word is of Hindu origin, the mandala is also used in other religions and cultures. Mandalas typically have spiritual and ritual significance; particularly in Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Aboriginal cultures of the Americas, Australian Aboriginal cultures, Aztecism, Mayanism and Maori culture. It seems that almost every culture throughout history has used or created mandala designs.

In various spiritual traditions, mandalas are utilized as a teaching tool, to help establish a sacred space and aid meditation. The "mandala" has become a generic term for any geometric pattern that represents the Cosmos metaphysically or symbolically – a microcosm of the Universe and expression of unity and oneness. It’s also widely used a form of healing art.

If you are in Brazil you can get them here, Urban Arts

If you are in Peru you can get them here, KUELGA

You can also create your very own customized HUMANDALA artwork.

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